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Smile Help with translating a (short) book inscription


I would kindly request if some native or near-native speaker of Spanish could check if the translation of the following book inscription is correct:

To my brother in arms and one wounded of the same battles,
A mi hermano de armas y un herido de las mismas batallas,

I think it's quite okay (had Spanish for four years in high school but that's a while ago now ). But I would like to ask a couple of questions for the more experienced speakers here:

- Did I miss any diacritical marks you guys like so much (sometimes)?
- The phrase, 'Brother in arms', of course, comes from the Dire Straits song. On Youtube this song title is often translated as 'Hermanos en armas', but the Spanish Wikipedia seems to suggest 'Hermanos de armas'. Which one sounds better?
- The same goes for the 'wounded of the same battles'. I know you are actually wounded in battle, but English allows a more poetic phrasing with 'of a battle'. Is it the same in Spanish, which version sounds better, 'herido en batalla' or 'herido de batalla'?
- Anything else I messed up?

Basically, I'm unsure about the prepositions, but I'd like to make it sound as poetic as possible, since it is after all, a book inscription (dedication.) Oh and I'm talking about translation into Standard Spanish here, that is, castellano (or that was the name that I was taught in school).

Muchas gracias por toda la ayuda!

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