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Welcome to the forums!

I'll mark what needs to be fixed and give you some hints.
Originally Posted by eliasriizk View Post
i need to write a text in the preterito indefinido and i have to use these words in my text() "Levantarse / vestirse / desayunar / salir de casa / tomar o coger el bus / llegar al trabajo / comer / volver a casa / cenar y ver la TV" if you can help me fixing my grammar and vocabulary mistakes, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Ayer, son las ocho de la manana
('son' is a verb meaning 'they are' - 'son las ocho' means "it's 8 o'clock" - what you need to translate is "at 8 o'clock".
There is an 'Accents' drop-down menu, located above where you type, that you can use to insert all the special characters needed when typing in Spanish, like the 'ņ' in 'maņana', and like all the accented vowels marked wrong in many of your verb conjugations below.)

me levante()
(missing punctuation)

me bane y me vesti () ropa de trabajo,
(misspelled verb - You're missing a preposition that follows vestirse, and the end of a sentence is marked with a period instead of a comma.)

desnes de eso, (yo) desayune y sali de mi casa() y cogi el autobus.
(The first letter of the first word of a sentence is capitalized. The first word of your sentence isn't spelled right. Too many 'ands' were used. Use two sentences.)

Despues de 45 minutos en el autobus() (yo) llegue al trabajo.
(Insert a comma after a clause. There's no need to write 'yo' when the ending of the verb perfectly conveys the person.)

en el trabajo() (yo) lei el periodico y (yo) escribi tres cartas.

A mediodia() (yo) comi el almuerzo durante media hora.

por la tarde, (yo) volvi a casa son las siete
(Punctuation required! We don't know if you meant ',como siempre' or '. Como siempre,')

(yo) cene y vi la telvision() y me dormi son las diez.
(Too many 'ands'. Use two sentences)
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