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Originally Posted by Perikles View Post
Well, I think that is terrible, that a text book could claim if I was is correct. In my mind it is definitely wrong. Why on earth would anyone want to lose the subjunctive, there is precious little of it left in English as it is.
Sorry to have given you bad news!
Here's a quote from Practical English Usage by Michael Swan which is used by most British English teachers. It's not a text book, but a reference book last updated in 2005.
We often use was instead of were after if. This is common in both formal and informal styles. In a formal style, were is more common than was, and many people consider it more correct, especially in American English.
I think many people would consider it perhaps more correct to use If +I+were, but language is very dynamic, especially English, and its use and form changes constantly. Remember there's no Academia Real controlling the English language!
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