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But you know what, this Babelizer idea is exactly what they should do with those translators. Seriously. Put into the foreign phrase and back to the original in one pass, automatically. Then the tweaking you speak of becomes very effective. Change a few words around in the origingal, then edit the translation. I'm sure I don't get it right all the time, but I am learning how to structure the grammar better.

This is exactly how I use AltaVista. I have two windows open and I post them back and forth until I can get something similar going both ways.
Mostly it involves putting words into the English and taking them out of the Spanish. Then some minor rearranging of misplaced modifiers usually.

Like you say also, Bleak, you still need the Tomisimo thesaurus to get the right word when there is multiple meanings but the tweaking and chosing the right words takes place in both languages.

Por supuesto, Todavía estoy buscando la señorita bonita , quién permanecerá conmigo, y tómeme por la mano, a siempre leer y decir todo a mí que no entiendo. ¿esto estaría mucho mejor, no?
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