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I was wondering something. Is there a way I can download all the daily words in some sort of bulk computer readable format (such as comma separated values, or a spreadsheet)? I have a local application called jMemorize which I use to study vocabulary and I would like to add the daily words. It uses the Leitner flashcard system to help reduce repetition of known words, which I find very useful when the set is large.

If there is no way, perhaps you would be interested in allowing me to assist you. Simply let me know how the words are stored (database type, table/column names) and I can create a script which will allow users to download an xml-format listing of the words. That would both help you and save me time (I could do that much more quickly than typing in nearly 600 words).

As another option, there may be away to offer an extended version of the current RSS feed that provides the entire archive instead merely the most recent words (I don't know what software you use to power your daily word service).

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