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Originally Posted by Perikles View Post
I think there is an overlap between them, but ocultar can also mean to conceal:

tras esa sonrisa se oculta una mala intención

whereas tapar just means to cover up physically.

Edit: if you wanted to cover your car up to protect it from rain and dust, you would use tapar. If you wanted to hide it from thieves, you would use ocultar
That last part helped me with the subtle difference. Thanks!

Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
Two questions about this particular example:
1) Why "su" and not "el"? I thought that the indefinite article is to be used for body parts, and not the personal possessive. "The face..." instead of "her/their face..." ???
2) Why singular? Why not "las mujeres del Medio Oriente tapan sus/los rostros"?
How about my other questions?

(By the way, I don't necessarily agree with your "" for Crotalito's sentences... Sorry. )
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