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Windows Parallel

I found a Spanish Course I want to use so I bought it...but I couldn't get the CD's in order to download the whole program because I use a Macbook Air and they make the Course only for Windows. So now I can only use the program Online and that doesn't work too well. Hence my question.

Believe it or not I considered buying a Windows Netbook just so I could use this Spanish program. Then all of a sudden I remembered that I can somehow "partition" my MB Air so it will run Windows. The best way to do this is to use the 'Virtualization' option, which will let me use both the Mac and Windows on my computer without having to reboot for whichever side I want to use.

So my question is this...does anyone here use the Virtualization part of their Mac computer and if so, does the 'Virtualization' slow it down much? Also, is it very costly?
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