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Originally Posted by LFD1988 View Post
The US is indeed behind on LGBT issues and marriage equality. I've seen from news items that many countries around the world seem to have a better understanding of who LGBT people are and the stigma is certainly lessening where theological extremism doesn't explicitly forbid it, but I think there is still a long way to go. It's important that LGBT youth understand that it's ok to be who they are and they shouldn't feel ashamed of it. In America, it's kind of a "taboo" topic in "polite" conversation, because it's considered to be more of a conversation about sex in many peoples' minds and not about human interaction and love; therefore not many children are taught about sexual or gender diversity in schools. I wonder what children in other countries learn?
Other countries look at sexual matters differently. When I was in Belgium I
visited an elementary school. The principal
took us on a tour of the school. In the kindergarten room the boys restroom
was just kind of open. I mentioned this to the principal saying that people
could see the boys going pee and he looked at me kind of strange and said
something like well it's just a natural process. In Italy where I lived for two years
they have women cleaning the men's bathrooms while the men are in there. I got
use to it and it wasn't a sexual thing. Leonardo da Vince was gay he created al this
nude art such as his master piece David with everything showing. This is something
that has been tabu in the U.S. However they do have a exact duplicate of the statue
of David made in Italy at the Forest Lawn Cementary in Glendale.

Southern U.S. seems to be the less tolerant. I was in Springfield, Missouri
a couple of years ago and there were people walking around with signs
saying it was a sin to marry a divorced woman so just imagine what they
think of gays. A friend of mine from Mississippi says he would rather see
his son dead than to be gay.

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