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Help With Basic Spanish ...

My daughter-in-law's grandparents will be moving in soon. The grandpa speaks no English. Grandma speaks a little English, but not much. So, I would really like to get a head start with a few basic Spanish phrases that I can use to communicate with the grandpa .

Here are a few phrases I need help with

> Let's play a game of checkers.
> Your turn.
> Do you want to go get a burrito ?
> I will pay for the food.
> Do not hit the dog ! (The grandpa is old, stubborn, and has a bad habit of hitting and kicking animals !)
> Do not kick the dog !
> Are you hungry (grandpa has hypoglycemia and diabetes really bad. He doesn't take care of himself, so needs reminding to eat )

I would greatly appreciate anyone helping me ... I will have many more phrases to learn ...
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