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@Luis: Welcome back!

I agree with Rusty. I would just like to add some hints for improvement of the sentences:

Si cavo un agujero el que es (This is unnecessary) de tres metros por dos metros por tres metros y medio(Your proposal is not grammatically wrong, but I altered the order because this way it sounds better for Mexican daily speech.) ¿cuánto tierra (gender must agree between these two words --"tierra" is feminine) es ("Ser" is used only for traits or features that are inherent to the thing you're talking about; so, since dirt is not an intrinsic characteristic of a hole, "es" is not the right verb. You cannot use "estar" either, because the dirt is not something that holds a position inside the hole. Try using the impersonal form of the verb "haber") dentro de él?
(As a side note, more than a "chiste", this is rather an "acertijo".)
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