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Did you read my post? There are several other verbs that stem from the basic 12, and 'decir' has some exceptions. The -facer ending of 'satisfacer' is an older form of 'hacer', so that is an ending you should also consider.
How many irregular verbs are there in the future tense?
To give you an opportunity to answer that question yourself, maybe this site will help (even though it isn't perfect). When you enter a verb to conjugate, like 'satisfacer', it shows other verbs that are conjugated like it at the bottom of the conjugation table. (It lists 5 other verbs, one of which doesn't exist.) If you enter 'venir', the list of other verbs grows to 23 (but at least one of them doesn't exist either). There are apparently more than 25 verbs conjugated like 'poner', but at least one of those doesn't exist. Like I said, it isn't perfect. And the list doesn't pertain to only the future tense.

There are reference links at the bottom of the home page I gave you a link to. The first reference is a book called 'Los 15.000 verbos espaņoles'. That probably isn't an accurate number. I've heard that there are roughly 2,000 irregular verbs in Spanish, but all can be categorized into established patterns (even though one of the categories is 'miscellaneous').
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