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Thank you very much Angelica!

I have made what I think are all the appropriate edits, I totally knew about the personal "a" before the "su" but it just slipped my mind. That's why I'm here! Same with repetitive "su", I knew it was, but wasn't sure if putting "la" would have made as much sense.

Where I capitalized the DE is where I'm still confused. You mentioned to add a preposition, and I'm assuming that's th same rule that dictates adding the QUE in this sentence: Ahora no hay nada QUE hacer". Is there a specific thing I can look up to tell me exactly when/what situation to add these?

Also, girlfriend and I have come to a solution. She is reading me out loud Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal, one chapter at a time and so I can follow along while she reads. The next night, I reread the chapter in spanish so I can practice my pronunciation, and she reads the next chapter. I know this doesn't really help with thinking "on the fly" to think of the appropriate words to build a sentence, but I figure it at least helps me with pronunciation. Hearing her speak helps a lot too. I've noticed in the Puerto Rican dialect they drop the "s" at the end of words almost every time, kinda like how New Yorkers drop the "r" at the end of their words. So a word may read as "dos tres seis ojos es" but she will say "do tre sei ojo e". Tricky tricky.

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