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Moving To Spain To Learn Spanish

Hello All.

I am a 19 year old student on gap year. I will be in Madrid from August - December learning spanish.

I have taken Spanish for years in the U.S. Like many of my peers I know some, but limited Spanish. My class room experience totals roughly 500 hours over 6 years. However, I did not assimilate much and could not hold a basic conversation in Spanish. This limited knowledge gained in a large time studying should not be used to calculate my ability to learn, Spanish specifically. At the time I was unmotivated and in a inefficient US classroom. I am disciplined and motivated. These two characteristics have proven sufficient to obtain (my) edification and understanding. I do not have the ability to spend on a program and substitutes exist for class room and organized learning.

I am in the beginning stages, creating a POA:

1. Obtaining housing in Madrid. Cementing travel plans.
2. Creating a condensed, rigid, four month plan that will result in me learning as much of the language as possible. I would like to be somewhat fluent and believe 4 months ample time for that.

I have lived alone for the past few years, been self sufficient, and traveled to a majority of US states and 10+ countries. Culture shock and fear is not a pressing concern.

I have had this account for numerous years and it has been a lifelong goal. Finally I will have the opportunity to dedicate myself to learning this language. There is much more to cover, but think this is a good start.

I am incredibly grateful for any advice, messages, support, and mentorship!
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