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I do not have reason to pick any specific city. My intention in going is to dedicate myself to learning spanish, which I can do in any city across the country.

Recommendations are definitely recommended. Madrid is significantly more expensive than most other Spanish cities which has me thinking twice. However, like pretty much everywhere, it is significantly less expensive than Boston (where I have lived all my life). I do like the city and want to stay somewhere with a lot of activity.

Anyone want to add there two cents of where I should consider going?

Thanks for the replies so far everyone.

Also, I want to be somewhere with many students, who, like me, are dedicated to the art of learning spanish. This along with many locals. Night life is not the most imperative but something also desired.

Like Jpablo mentioned being in the north/middle of spain from august till october and then going to the south is alluring and something I am considering.

My writing right now is scattered as I am just trying to get out all my thoughts to best figure out where I should be

Also, I need to get a visa if I stay over 90 days. Say if I stay 50 consecutive days in the north, then go out to central europe for a week to see a friend, and come back and stay another 60 or so days, do I still need a visa since I don't spend 90 days there continuously? This is something I definitely need to answer.

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