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@Irmamar: What you've raised is an example of the use of inversion to express conditionality. The inverted forms can appear when had, should, or were are used in a conditional sentence.

If I had taken the bus...
Had I taken the bus...

If you should come to the door before...
Should you come to the door before...

If he were standing here...
Were he standing here...

Each sentence in these pairs is equivalent to the other.

Originally Posted by Perikles View Post
Well, perhaps there is a difference between British and American English. I mean would you really say If I was you ? That's terrible. I personally don't find it acceptable, but perhaps times are changing. Going downhill.
@Perikles: I like the example you gave on this. I and two others I just asked also find that If I was you? sounds very awkward. I do know that was substitutes for were in most instances of the subjunctive of to be in everyday speech. Things like this are what keep live languages from ever being boxed in.

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