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Excellent help, everyone.

On the side-note re. tú/usted, Rusty's comment is well-taken and I should not get too relaxed, even though, as Angelica pointed out, things seem quite informal in many situations. In fact, I was just in Medellín and tried to get some general guidance on this from a few people. The Medellín situation is even more complicated with a third singular pronoun, vos, also in use. I wasn't able to get much guidance since the usual answer is: tranquilo! use whatever you want! Perhaps this is because I am a foreigner asking!

In any case, I think that I should try to pay attention to how people use the pronouns vos/tú/usted amongst themselves and with me, and draw my own conclusions.

The usage does vary throughout Colombia. In Bogotá I use usted most of the time; in Medellín, seems quite relaxed, but not really sure! I don't usually use vos as I'm not exactly sure what the implications are in terms of level of intimacy. In Cali, vos seems quite common.
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