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@Poli: "me siento avergonzado" (I feel ashamed)
"Avergonzar" is often heard conjugated.

- Me avergüenzan las cosas que hace mi padre. -> I'm ashamed for the things my father does.
- ¿No te avergüenza vestirte así? -> Aren't you ashamed to dress like that?
- Y ni siquiera se avergonzaron de lo que habían dicho. -> And they weren't even ashamed for what they had said.

@Hernán: "avergoncé"

Originally Posted by NiCACHiCA View Post
In one of my spanish books I am studying out of, it gives expressions used with "tener" and one of them is "tener pena" for "I am sad or embarrassed". From my experience, I have always heard "dar pena" for this expression. And the expression I've heard seems to be more associated with shame or embarrassment than sadness. Are they both correct?

Also, maybe someone could give me a few examples of both? Thanks so much!!
As everyone, has said, both are correct. I will just add some examples:

Tener una pena -> to be sad (here, pena = sorrow/sadness)
Tener pena/vergüenza -> to feel embarrassed or ashamed

- Tenemos una pena muy grande: mi padre murió ayer. -> We have a very deep sorrow: my father died yesterday.

- Tengo pena de pedirle ayuda. = Me da pena pedirle ayuda. = Me da vergüenza pedirle ayuda. -> I'm embarrased to ask him for help.

"Darle pena a alguien":

- Me da pena (me da vergüenza) que me veas así. -> I'm embarrased that you see me like this.
- Le dio pena (le dio vergüenza) no poder ayudarme y se fue. -> He was sorry that he couldn't help me and he left.
- El vagabundo me dio pena (me dio lástima) y le di una limosna. -> I took pity on the homless man and I gave him some money.
- Cuando murió el abuelo todos sentimos pena (sentimos lástima) por la abuela, que estaba tan triste. -> When grandfather died we all felt sorry for grandmother, who was so sad.
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