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@David: That's right, when it's a warning. It may also be similar to "del plato a la boca se cae la sopa".

@Stu: The expression "lanzar/echar campanas al vuelo", as Wrholt correctly said, it's a set expression.
When the church bells were the most important form of communicating events to the community, the way they were played sent a message for the people --alarm sound, death announcement, regional celebration, religious service call, etc. Their balancing in the air as they were played is what is called "vuelo".
"Campanas del vuelo" makes no sense, because the activity of flying can't be related as being owner or to be made of bells, which is what I'd think of when using the preposition "de". In any case, it would be the other way round: "vuelo de campanas", which would refer to their being played.

As for the song, the expression wouldn't make much sense to me; but in context, "soy una mujer de campanas al vuelo" means that she is a strong, determined woman who will not accept to be mistreated.
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