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Originally Posted by Tomisimo View Post
That's an excellent question. And I don't really have an answer. Here's some examples

Hablaron de un tratado de paz - They spoke of a peace treaty
Se habló de un tratado de paz - A peace treaty was mentioned
Se hablaron de un tratado de paz -

That last example-- (1) Is that correct Spanish/ is it used by native speakers? (2) What would it mean exactly? "They spoke about a peace treaty" "The two of them discussed a peace treaty"?

As I go over this in my mind, I think you can use it, for example "Mi hermano y mi papá no se hablan", which would mean "My brother and my dad are not on speaking terms".

So I guess the answer is yes
That's a bit over my head, I'm still working on the reflexive verbs and they make my brain mushy.
Please feel free to correct my Spanish - Gracias!
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