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Originally Posted by irmamar View Post
There are words that can be written in a different way in British and American English, above all these words with s/z, I mean, words like: analyse/analyze, realise/realize, etc. I know that those words written with "s" are British, although I know that they can be written wit "z" in British English as well.
Sí se puede pero todo el mundo van a creer que seas americano
I'd like to know if British English people prefer to write those words with "s" or with "z" and, if they preferred "s", would they/you distinguish if a text is written by an American or not when you're reading a text with "z" (if there aren't another words like colour/color, etc., of course, which could give you a clue)?
Sí, uno se puede escribir con un "accento" inglés o americano.
Another question: if I had to write several words like those in a text, would it be important (gramatically) if I wrote some with "z" and some with "s"?
Siempre es mejor estar consistente.
These questions could look like stupid ones, but I'm very interested in your answers. Thanks.
Inglés bien hablado o sea británico o americano es casi igual menos pequeñas diferéncias como el modo que deletreamos o pronunciamos unas palabras. Las diferencias se ponen más promenente (y interesante) cuando el inglés es menos bien hablado y con accentos regionales.
Me ayuda si corrige mis errores. Gracias.
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