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Elaina will become famous soon enough

Have you been following the conversation....... they are not the same thing.

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What is a PBJ Sandwich?

A snack is usually a handful of food eaten when you are peckish.
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What a fun thread! Who knew that talking about snacks could make me so hungry.

Originally Posted by irmamar View Post
En España "almuerzo" equivale a "comida" (lunch), aunque no se utiliza mucho esa palabra:

Desayuno: breakfast. Se desayuna por la mañana y después se toma un café a media mañana (otro desayuno)
Comida o almuerzo (lunch): aquí se suele comer tarde, a partir de las 14 ó 14:30 h. Yo misma como entre 15:30 y 16 h.
Merienda (snack ): los niños comen más pronto, sobre las 13 ó 13:30 y hacen una merienda a media tarde, alrededor de las 18 h.
Cena (dinner): aquí se cena tarde, a partir de las 21 h. como muy pronto. En muchas casas se cena a las 22 h. Los niños pequeños cenan antes, sobre las 20 ó 20:30 h.
Irma - does "media mañana" simply mean "middle of the morning" (or "mid-morning") ... or does it refer to a specific time in the morning?

Originally Posted by bobjenkins View Post
Sí, usualmente no hay un tiempo diario lo que se merienda. Te doy algunos ejemplos

Snack = pequeño alimento (small meal)

I ate some chips earlier, it was just a snack
The snack was small, I am still hungry
Sometimes I wake up hungry and have a small quick snack in the morning because I don't have time for breakfast

En españa como dijiste, ¿es mariendar a un tiempo cierto?
Bob - I think you left out the most important kind of snack ... the MIDNIGHT snack.

Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post
Snack can be "bocadillo", "refrigerio", "tentempié"... and when it is applied to diets, they call it "colación" (something eaten between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner/supper).
Great words to have on hand, Malila - thanks!

Originally Posted by brute View Post
What is a PBJ Sandwich?

A snack is usually a handful of food eaten when you are peckish.
Are you asking to define "PBJ"? It's "peanut butter and jelly". Or are you asking if it could be a snack? It could totally be a snack ... but could also be someone's lunch....
- Lou Ann, de Washington, DC, USA
Específicamente quiero recibir ayuda con el español de latinoamerica. ¡Muchísimas gracias!
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Media mañana depends on the one who is speaking, but it's between 10 and 12 h (12 h. is "mediodía"). For instance, I take my second breakfast around 10 or 10.30 h in the morning (the first is around 7 h.). Usually we say: voy a tomar un café (we're working at that time). I work from 8 to 15'30 h., so I can't stay so long without eating something. I take my breakfast at home and later at work, a media mañana (between 10 and 12, more or less), I take a coffe or another breakfast (it's the same)
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alimento, almuerzo, bocadillo, botana, cena, comida, dinner, food, media mañana, merienda, refrigerio, snack, supper, tentempié


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