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List of Verbs that Require a Redundant Indirect Pronoun


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Old November 08, 2017, 09:03 PM
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List of Verbs that Require a Redundant Indirect Pronoun

Consider these two phrases:

Le pedí a Juan que viniera. (correct)
Pedí a Juan que viniera. (incorrect)

As seen above, some verbs require the use of an indirect pronoun even when the indirect object is specified. I have seen this pronoun referred to as a redundant indirect pronoun.

I would love to get my hands on an autoritative list of verbs that follow this pattern, i.e., that require the use of a redundant indirect pronoun.

Perusing various incomplete resources on the topic, I have compiled a temporary list of my own (which I will share below), but I am neither sure that it is correct nor confident that it is complete.

And if such a list does not exist... Thanks in advance for making suggestions to edit the list below -- let's call it a work in progress

Work in Progress - Kindly help edit or complete
Agradecerle algo a alguien: to thank someone for something
Comprarle algo a alguien: to buy something from someone
Contarle algo a alguien: to recount/tell something to someone
Contestarle a alguien: to answer someone
Darle algo a alguien: to give something to someone
Decirle algo a alguien: to tell something to someone
Devolverle algo a alguien: to return...
Echarle algo a alguien: to throw something to someone
Enseñarle algo a alguien: to show...
Entregarle algo a alguien: to turn in...
Enviarle algo a alguien: to send...
Esconderle algo a alguien: to hide something from someone
Escribirle algo a alguien: to write...
Exigirle algo a alguien: to demand something from someone
Explicarle algo a alguien: to explain...
Ganarle algo a alguien: to win from someone
Mandarle algo a alguien: to send or command...
Mostrarle algo a alguien: to show...
Ocultarle algo a alguien: to hide from someone
Ofrecerle algo a alguien: to offer
Pedirle algo a alguien: to ask someone for something
Pedirle prestado algo a alguien: to borrow from...
Preguntarle a alguien: to ask someone (a ques.)
Prestarle algo a alguien: to lend something to someone
Prometerle algo a alguien: to promise something to someone
Quitarle algo a alguien: to take away...
Recomendarle algo a alguien: to recommend something to someone
Recordarle a alguien: to remind someone
Regarlarle algo a alguien: to give someone as a gift
Robarle algo a alguien: to steal from...
Sacarle algo a alguien: to get something out of someone
Servirle algo a alguien: for something to be of use to someone
Solicitarle algo a alguien: to ask, request of someone
Suspenderle algo a alguien: to revoke, cancel from someone
Traerle algo a alguien: to bring something to someone
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