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Post Recommended apps for vocabulary?

Hey, new here

Wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a good Spanish vocabulary app.
Was probably asked before but an up to date answer would be appreciated.

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Originally Posted by guycoh View Post
Hey, new here

Wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a good Spanish vocabulary app.
Was probably asked before but an up to date answer would be appreciated.

No one has responded so I'll be an answer (that unfortunately is not about learning vocabulary from apps).

It's just my opinion of course.

Worth noting (perhaps) is that I'm in my mid-40s (some may think I'm 'old school?') and have studied 3 language at class and with private tutors at length (minimum 3 years of study).

I don't believe in apps for learning vocab.

When I am reading or listening or in class and learn a new vocabulary word I write in my mini-notebook with a definintion.

Later, I write a sentence using this new word and personalize it (relate it to my experience, thinking, life, etc). I even write joke sentences and stupid sentences. It helps me remember it easier (not learning vocab in isolation).

About 6 months I bought a digital recorder and started recording vocab as well as sentences.

I review a lot.

I also write grammar sentences (for example, focusing on the Imperfect Past Subjuntive) using the new and old vocab to help put it into long term memory.

I have tried a couple of the famous apps available for vocab.

Too me it took too long and was a useless "bell & whistle."

Just my opinion.
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Otra manera: al salir de casa mira a tu alrededor y traduce el nombre de las cosas que ves en el idioma que estás aprendiendo. Enriquece el vocabulario y lo memorizas mucho mejor que leyendo. Y con tu vocabulario haz algunas pruebas con los sugerimientos de Aprendo.
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I like to use Babbel when I'm on the bus. It's good because it has some little quizzes after each lesson.
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Lightbulb There's an app for that!

I've tried DuoLingo, and while it was fun at first, it got kind of old after a while. I agree with the comment above that building your own vocabulary to study is much better.

And there is an app for that.

I've been using the android version of Anki for a few days now. You can download lists from other users, but I prefer to study vocab that I come up with. BTW, it's a flashcard program that is designed to help you remember what you are just about to forget...so it has a few nice bells and whistles. You can use media with it as well: pictures and audio.
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