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How to submit a new page to the Vocabulary by Topic forum

How to write and submit a new page to the Vocabulary by Topic forum
  1. Pick a Topic. You can get new ideas for Vocabulary Topic pages from the Suggestions Thread, or think of one yourself.
  2. Write the preliminary version of the page. (More detailed instructions below).
  3. Submit the new page to the Submissions Forum, by creating a new thread there. Only you and the moderators will be able to see your thread until it is approved.
More details about writing the page.

Each vocabulary page should organize the vocabulary into one or more tables, and should mark the nouns in Spanish with their gender. To create a table, you can copy the code below and use it to get started. To mark the gender of Spanish nouns, use the [g] bbcode.

{||}Spanish | English
{|}tenedor[g]nm[/g] | fork
{|}cuchillo[g]nm[/g] | knife
{|}cuchara[g]nf[/g] | spoon
The above code will create this:
 Spanish  English 
 tenedorNM  fork 
 cuchilloNM  knife 
 cucharaNF  spoon 
If you have trouble with the [table] or the [g] bbcodes, you can create the page with just a list of vocabulary and it can be converted later. Content is more important than formatting. If you do just create a simple list, still try to give the gender of the nouns, and keep it consistent by placing the Spanish on the left and English on the right.

tenedor (el) - fork
cuchillo (el) - knife
cuchara (la) - spoon
If you find something wrong with my Spanish, please correct it!
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