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Pina colada

Hi Writing a comedy script and need some help with pina colada.

It is supposed to be of Puerton origin. I believe it means squeezed pineapple. When I google it I get
[COLOR= ]Piña colada[/COLOR]

but the accented letter would make it sound penyo. Is it different form of Spanish.

Sorry it is only a technical issue but I would like to get things right.

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The correct Spanish phrase is 'piña colada'. If you've seen the first word without the tilde over the 'n', that is because it was written by someone who doesn't know how to produce the correct letter using their keyboard. The tilde is necessary.

The Spanish phrase means 'strained pineapple'.
It's pronounced '[peen-yuh kuh-lah-duh] (/ˈpiːnjə kəˈlɑːdə/)'.
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I agree with Rusty.
I'll just add that, despite the name, "piña colada" is a cocktail prepared with pineapple, coconut cream, pineapple juice and rum. The blended ingredients are passed through a strain to be served without the pineapple fibers, which would make it difficult to drink. There is also the non alcoholic version of the cocktail with the same name.
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Thanks for that it is like a paella. English / Americans miss pronounce the name. I will call it by it's proper name in future
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