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An ambiguous passage

This passage is from a text which is highly ambiguous for me. It is originally an Spanish text from 500 years ago, which was translated into English nearly 115 years ago. It is mentionable that the Spanish text was quoted as a footnote in English translation, so I write the Spanishtext first, followed by the main text in English, as well as the footnote. The sentences written in bold are ambiguous. Of course, the Spanish text is copied from an old book, printed somewhat unreadable and may have some errors.

The Spanish text:
The original Spanish text:

Mauricio era el nómbre o titulo de la Capitanía parece que fatalmente con las primeras dos sliabas síem pre pesadas a los católicos oidos (perdonen los severos Césores délas que llaman ligeras ponderaciones) a ser segúdos Mauritanos en aquellos climas,como cstragadores de la Viña de Christo/quc en ellos plantaron las diligencias Portuguesas.

The main English text:
On May Ist, 1598, a fleet of eight ships, under the command of Jacob Cornelisz. van Neck and Wybrand van Warwijck, sailed out of the Texel for the East.

The footnote:
Faria y Sousa, in giving a summary account (not very accurate) of this expedition, says : — " Mauricio/Mauritius was the name or title of the admiral's ship : it appears as if by a fatality, with the first two syllables ever grievous to Catholic ears (let severe censors pardon what they may call frivolous considerations), to be second Mauritanians in those climes, like spoilers of the vineyard of Christ, which the efforts of the Portuguese had planted there." He also somewhat broadly insinuates that the Hollanders took out with them the worship of Bacchus {Asia Portuguesa, tom. Ill, Pt. ll, cap. iii). (Cf. Voyages of John Davis, p. 134.)

Thanks very much
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Out of context, it's hard to figure this out, but the name of the admiral's boat, Mauricio recalls Mauritania a name that causes pain to Catholic ears.

Was there a holy war between Spain and Mauritania in those years?
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Two elements that may help to put it straight:

The name Mauricio means kind of swarthy, describing the typical Moorish. Mauritania was the Roman name for Morocco and it's supposed to be inhabited by those kind of people.

"viña del Señor" is a Jesuitical reference to "all things religion", that is, there are multiple labours and every person should specialize in a task towards a common objective.

It seems the second Mauricio to visit those lands is manned with unholy people -hence the reference to Mauritanians, that is, infidels- and they'll most probably going to undo all the work done to catechize the locals, and more, hence the bit about the "viña del Señor", telling they'd affect every aspect of it: religious, political and cultural.

This is the sense I can make of that paragraph.
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