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Arrieros Somos


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Old August 05, 2013, 10:30 PM
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Arrieros Somos

I'm trying to translate this song by Cuco Sánchez (not literally), and I would appreciate corrections and suggestions for improvement.

Thanks very much ahead of time

Arrieros somos y en el camino andamos
Mule drivers we are and down the road we go
y cada quien tendrá su merecido
And each one will get what they have coming
Ya lo verás que al fin de tu camino
You will see at the end of your journey
renegarás hasta de haber nacido.
You will curse even at having been born

Si todo el mundo salimos de la nada
If everyone came from nothing
y a la nada por Dios que volveremos
And to nothing by God's will we shall return
me río del mundo que al fin ni él es eterno
I laughed in the world that in the end is not eternal
por esta vida no más no más pasamos.
For this life that no more, no more shall we pass through

Tú me pediste amor y yo te quise,
You asked me for love and I loved you
Tú me pediste mi vida y te la di
You asked me for my life and I gave it to you
Si al fin de cuentas te vas, pues anda y vete,
If at the end of it all you leave, well fine, then leave
que la tristeza te lleve igual que a mi.
and may the sadness take you the same as it takes me

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