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In Spain decimal points and commas are reversed so 12,345.56 becomes 12.345,56. So how does this work with calculators or do they operate difrently>
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We use the same calculators, but we have to know that "." is "," and "," is "."
I'm math teacher and some of my pupils have several problems with this, in fact.
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So 12.345,56 = twelve thousand, three hundred and forty five point five six in Spanish, does it? I've been learning Spanish since nineteen seventy and I didn't know that!

Well you live and learn, don't you?
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It depends on the region. In Mexico, we write numbers like this: 1'204,678.35 (read "un millón doscientos cuatro mil seiscientos setenta y ocho, punto treinta y cinco").
Although I think that with the influence of USA numbers, people are separating millions with a regular comma lately.
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