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Passive: He sido invitado


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Old May 12, 2019, 12:05 PM
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Passive: He sido invitado

I know the passive voice in Spanish can be formed in different ways. I think the first one below is probably the most commonly used form for my sentence, and that the second one is grammatically correct.
However, I’m not sure about the last one – is this construction using ‘estar’ correct, albeit infrequently used by native speakers?

• Me han invitado a una fiesta.
He sido invitado a una fiesta.
He estado invitado a una fiesta.

Many thanks.
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Old May 12, 2019, 03:20 PM
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Although "estar" + "participio" reminds the structure of the passive voice, it isn't. And in this case it doesn't really make sense.

The construction "estar" + "participio" is called a "perífrasis de participio". It is formed by the verb "estar" with "participios" that refer to the resulting state of an action, or something that became transformed at the end of a process. The passive voice talks about someone doing something with a purpose.

- Estoy abrumado por los problemas. -> What you say when a normal state of peacefulness has been altered by the appearance of problems.
- Soy abrumado por los problemas. -> What you'd say if problems had an active will to overwhelm you.

- Estos juguetes están hechos por artesanos mexicanos. -> These toys are here thanks to the work of Mexican artisans.
- Estos juguetes son hechos por artesanos mexicanos. -> The Mexican artisans are making these toys.

- El tráfico está detenido por una manifestación. -> The cause of the cars being stopped is that there is a demonstration.
- El tráfico es detenido por una manifestación. -> The people in the demonstration are keeping the cars from moving along.

- Las puertas están cerradas. -> That's the state of the doors after having been put into this position.
- Las puertas son cerradas. -> Someone is closing the doors.

Edit: If you say "estoy invitado a una fiesta", it means you have this status as possible guest to the party that hasn't happened yet. Still not the same as "soy invitado a una fiesta", which would mean that you are being invited to a party by someone.
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Old May 12, 2019, 09:31 PM
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Perfect. Thank you so much.
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