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Learning ideas related to Krashen's Input Hypothesis


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Old January 03, 2012, 12:19 AM
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Learning ideas related to Krashen's Input Hypothesis

As noted in my recent intro post, I'm a newbie to learning Spanish and I am looking for resources that will aide in that quest.

In browsing earlier posts, I came across some mention of the hypothesis by Forum member Ramses (Muchos gracias, Ramses!) which lead me to his blog where he has featured some great info applying Krashen's Input Hypothesis. The hypothesis asserts that language is acquired not learned and that a person needs to be exposed to a great deal of input in the new language and refrain from speaking until they are ready, not unlike a child. Grammar is acquired as a person is exposed to its structure and rules through normal discourse. I, by no means am an expert on Krashen's work, so I hope that I haven't mis-represented it.

I realize, that ideally this would call for moving overseas or living 24/7 immersed in telenovelas, Spanish movies, TV & radio, watching Spanish YouTube, reading Spanish publications, and of course being in the presence of Spanish speakers. That's not possible though I'm trying to expose myself to multiple sources of Spanish when circumstances allow.

With all of that said, I was wondering if anyone on the forum has ideas that could up the ante. Ideally you can point to new and specific practices, software, CDs. DVDs, possibly courses that incorporate this approach or just plain old advice.

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