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Originally Posted by ookami View Post
Daily no, baúl is a lot more common for that. You will find it in fairy tales more than nothing.(is this okay?)
I would say "...more than anything."

Originally Posted by EmpanadaRica View Post
It exists as ''coffer in English too but with a similar meaning as mentioned here

Or would it be used daily as in a type of big box as well?
"Cofre" in this context mostly reminds me of the English word "coffin" (more so than "coffer").

"Coffin" being the large wooden/metal/fiberglass crate in which a dead body is buried....

Although "coffer" technically refers to the box in which funds are kept, it is very common to use it to refer to money collected toward a fund. For example, my math colleagues and I contribute $20 at the beginning of each school year for plastic flatware, plates, birthday cakes, etc. - we each put $20 into the coffer. The coffer is still low this year because not everyone has contributed yet.....
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