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This is a discussion thread for the Daily Spanish Word for January 3, 2010

cebar (verb) — to fatten up, prime (motor); cebarse - to vent one's anger, feed. Look up cebar in the dictionary

Se cebó en/con su victima.
He vented his anger on his victim.

El miedo se ceba en la ignorancia.
Fear feeds on ignorance.

Las heladas se cebaron en la cosecha de melocotón.
The frost wreaked havoc on the peach harvest.

Los últimos meses estuvimos cebando al pavo para poder cenarlo en Navidad.
Over the last few months we have been fattening up the turkey to eat it for Christmas.

Hay que cebar a los cerdos muy bien antes de llevarlos a la feria para venderlos.
You have to really fatten up the hogs before taking them to market to sell them.
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