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Some possible equivalents in English could be "review", "critique", or "criticism".

A "review" is a published opinion about some work of art of any type, usually one that has been recently "published" (that is, made available to the public for viewing or purchase). A person who writes "reviews" as part of their work is a "critic". Often a critic specializes in one genre of art, such as theater, music, the written word, or (non-performance) art such as you might find in an art museum. The goal of a "review" is to help the reader/listener make an informed decision about whether or not they might like that work of art and then choose whether or not to go to a performance, read the written work, visit the museum, or whatever is appropriate for experiencing the work of art directly.

A "critique" (or a critical analysis) is similar to a "review", but the subject is not necessarily a newly published work of art.

I identify 2 types of "critiques".

The first type of critique is solicited by the creator of some thing who needs an independent evaluation or opinion about that thing, with the goal of identifying how to continue creating the thing with the goal of making it better. For example, an author may ask someone to read a draft of a new novel, with the goal of learning what parts of the novel need to be revised to make it better. Or a company that makes widgets may want an independent assessment to learn whether the product fulfills its intended purpose, and how it could be improved in order to be more effective at it.

The second type of critique is a detailed analysis of some thing intended to help others understand that thing. Some examples include an analysis of Cervantes "Don Quixote" that functions to help the reader understand the story within it's cultural context, or a detailed analysis of the methods and practices used in research of some type.

The word "criticism" has several meanings. Perhaps the most common one is a negative opinion. However, it also refers to the general process of evaluating and rendering opinions about something; for example, literary criticism is one of the activities of professors of literature at universities.

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