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Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "impersonales" y "bipersonales"?
According with your list, "impersonales" are those actions that cannot be performed by a person:

Yo nievo -> I snow
Tú anocheces You dusk

"Bipersonales" are actions that happen to the subject.

Yo acaecí -> I happened (in the sense of an event happening, like a disaster or so)
Tus problemas no me atañen, así que no trates de involucrarme en ellos. -> Your problems are not my business, so don't try to get me involved.

About your "por qué" list: according to your definition, those verbs can only be conjugated with some persons or tenses/moods. I don't know about them all, as many of them seem to be legal terms, but "abolir", for example, is used only when conjugation has an "i":

Él abolió
Nosotros abolimos
Ellos abolieron
Yo abuelo
Él abuele
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