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No dejar titere con cabeza


An idiom is an expression whose meaning is not readily apparent based on the individual words in the expression. This forum is dedicated to discussing idioms and other sayings.

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Old September 14, 2015, 11:04 PM
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Y diciendo y haciendo, desenvainó la espada, y de un brinco se puso frente al retablo, y con acelerada y nunca vista furia comenzó a llover cuchilladas sobre la tierra morísima, derribando a unos, descabezando a otros, estropeando a éste, destrozando a aquél y, entre otros muchos, tiró un altibajo tal, que si maese Pedro no se abaja, se encoge y agazapa, le cercenara la cabeza con más facilidad que si fuera hecha de masa de mazapán.
Lo propio de la verdad es que se basta a sí misma, aquel que la posee no intenta convencer a nadie.
"An enemy is somebody who flatters you. A friend is somebody who criticizes the living daylights out of you."
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Old September 21, 2015, 10:09 AM
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...and suiting the action to the word, he drew his sword, and with one bound placed himself close to the show, and with unexampled rapidity and fury began to shower down blows on the puppet troop of Moors, knocking over some, decapitating others, maiming this one and demolishing that; and among many more he delivered one down stroke which, if Master Pedro had not ducked, made himself small, and got out of the way, would have sliced off his head as easily as if it had been made of almond-paste.
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Old October 04, 2015, 04:13 PM
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No dejar/quedar títere con cabeza

No dejar/no quedar títere con cabeza

It is a very common verbal locution and the sense depends on what you are talking about.

It's basic meaning is SPARE NOBODY, spare no one.

1) Colloquial criticar a todos (to criticize all) spare no one ej.

On that TV program, they spare no one; if you're famous, they'll go after you.
2) This book published by the former president nobody scaped unscathed.
3) Colloquial expression, destruir, asolar, devastar, break up everything in its wake. The hurricane Joaquin broke up everything in its wake through that island, el huracán Joaquin no dejó títere con cabeza a su paso por esa isla.
4) Colloquial Matar, asesinar, to do harm, to injure,to kill,to wound a todos
THey did'nt take prisoners, or no prisoners were taken.

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Old October 06, 2015, 06:07 AM
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No dejar titere con cabeza, personalmente yo lo uso y siempre lo he escuchado usar en el contexte en el que un niño, o un perro o un gato etc.... Remueve todo de tal forma, que termina siendo un revoltijo de cosas, que para encontrar algo se hace imposible.
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