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I got my MP4-player working, so I have recorded the pronouns and the verbs.

I'm sorry about the "click"-sound in the end of every sample, but it appears when I stops recording. My MP4-player is just so slow that it records the sound - and then stops recording.

Also, I wasn't able to export them as .mp3's, but only .wav's. I think you will be able to play them anyway.

Unfortunately, I can only upload five samples at the time per post, so instead of posting three posts which five samples each (I have recored 15 samples in total), I have compressed them into a .zip-file (apparently, .rar is not on the list of valid files).
  • Jeg (I): jeg.wav
  • Du (You, sg.): du.wav
  • Han (He): han.wav
  • Hun (She): hun.wav
  • Den (It, c.): den.wav
  • Det (It, n.): det.wav
  • Vi (We): vi.wav
  • I (You, pl.): I.wav
  • de/De (They/Formal you, sg./pl.): deDe.wav
    • The pronunciation is the same for de and De...
  • At drikke (To drink): atdrikke.wav
  • At flyve (To fly): atflyve.wav
  • At gå (To walk): atgaa.wav
  • At holde (To hold): atholde.wav
  • At sige (To say): atsige.wav
  • At være (To be): atvaere.wav
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