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  1. Other languages you would like to learn
  2. Creole Languages...
  3. Why would I want to learn another language?
  4. [German] Andere Sprache
  5. [Italian] Se avesse potuto comunicare cosý
  6. Fun experience
  7. [French] gonflÚ comme...
  8. [German] Aufmerksamkeit +
  9. [French] Pain
  10. La tesis de Nancy
  11. [Other] Should I learn other language
  12. [Portuguese] Lambada
  13. Bilingualism
  14. Difficult languages
  15. [Italian] Italian
  16. accents
  17. [German] schmei▀en
  18. [German] Translation needed
  19. Can anyone give me advice on a French language course in France?
  20. Chinese Arabic or Russian?
  21. [Other] El noruego es el idioma mßs fßcil de aprender
  22. [Other] An appetizer on the Danish language
  23. [Italian] Fiat logo
  24. [Chinese] Spoken Chinese
  25. [Chinese] Want to learn Chinese? :)
  26. [Italian] Un Milione Di Parole (translating help)
  27. [German] On the dangers of studying German
  28. [Italian] Italian as a 3rd language?
  29. Papiamento - Portuguese creole language with influences from Spanish, Dutch & English
  30. [Esperanto] Esperanto Encounter
  31. [Esperanto] Introducciˇn al Esperanto
  32. ŕÓŕ ´­ÓÔŔŰŘÝţ ˝ţŕ­Ó˛Ŕ˛Ř ß■ńŠň˛ ÝÓ ­ňŕŰÓýˇ
  33. [Other] Swahili
  34. [Russian] ┐Estas aprendiendo Ruso?
  35. [Basque] What about Euskera?
  36. [Chinese] Learn Chinese
  37. A riddle - un acertijo
  38. [German] Ich m÷chte Deutsch Řben
  39. [French] Parlons-nous franšais?
  40. [Russian] Русский практика
  41. [Other] ┐Quieres aprender holandÚs?
  42. [Other] Japanese
  43. Ukraine's got talent
  44. Afrikaans
  45. An ethnic war of words: Is this what Europe is coming to?
  46. [French] French Grammar (Quebec vs France)
  47. Tagalog (Filipino native language)
  48. Italian: Essere vs Stare
  49. [Catalan] Parlem catalß
  50. [Other] Latin
  51. [Italian] You missed the boat if you didn't learn Spanish if you're trying to learn Italian
  52. The Spanish language influence on modern Italian - Italian Roman influence on Spanish
  53. [Chinese] ONLINE After Class Chinese tutor through Skype,MSN or Email
  54. Catalß prepositions
  55. [Catalan] Amargor , tristor
  56. Muy agradable ficcional idioma mÝo.
  57. Small question for Greek members
  58. [German] Liedertexte
  59. [Italian] Con te partir˛
  60. Multiple Languages
  61. ┐Aprender sueco?
  62. Me encantarÝa aprender turco
  63. [Portuguese] Portugues
  64. [Catalan] Caminant xino xano
  65. CatalÓ
  66. [Catalan] Embarbussaments (CatalÓ)
  67. [Catalan] Canšˇ catalana
  68. [Italian] Dario Fo
  69. [Catalan] Preposicions
  70. Tagalog
  71. Griego
  72. Irish
  73. [Other] Salam, Namaste, Unakam and Sasriyakant
  74. [Catalan] Havaneres
  75. [Catalan] Les tascas a la llun
  76. The Bicol dialect of the Philippines
  77. The Filipino Language
  78. [French] Notre Dame, Notre-Dame ou N˘tre Dame
  79. Native Spanish speakers and Italian
  80. Bulgarian
  81. Romanian
  82. [French] I'm going to learn French!
  83. [Other] Tagalog the Philippines Main Language
  84. [Catalan] Cap, res, gens
  85. [Japanese] 日本語を学んでいます!
  86. Tagalog Proverbs
  87. Italian pronunciation
  88. It doesn't matter which language this is
  89. [Italian] How Italians tell the time
  90. Need Italian Translation Help
  91. [Japanese] Please, help
  92. This language doesn't matter either
  93. [Other] Scottish voice-operated lift
  94. Italian skype buddy
  95. [Russian] "Th" sound in Russian?
  96. African clicking language
  97. Website like tomisimo for Japanese
  98. [Other] Greek - The first lines of Odyssey
  99. British
  100. [Portuguese] Portuguese Book for Spanish Student?
  101. [Italian] Learning Italian if you already speak Spanish
  102. Filipino and Spanish
  103. Latin Participles
  104. 'El' with verbs?
  105. [Italian] Vorrei parlare con qualcuno nella bella lingua italiano.
  106. Please correct my Italian
  107. What is the Easiest Language to Learn?
  108. [Other] The languages of Spain, Portugal and Andorra
  109. How to say Hello in other languages.
  110. [German] ▄bersetzung
  111. Learning your third language
  112. Portuguese
  113. Trivia
  114. Deutsch and Englisch Schwestersprachen - German and English are Germanic Languages
  115. If I learn Spanish well, will I be able to understand Italian?
  116. [Other] Arabic > Hi
  117. [German] Moderne deutsche BŘcher
  118. [Other] Bicol dialect's adopted expressions from Spanish
  119. [Italian] When to use "no" and when "non"?
  120. [Catalan] Em begut oli
  121. What are the cognates between Swahili and Spanish?
  122. Spanish and Japanese are pronounced almost the same
  123. [German] Link between German and English
  124. [Japanese] Good websites to learn Japanese?
  125. [Catalan] Alg˙ pot corregir aix˛? GrÓcies.
  126. [Catalan] Alg˙ pot corregir aix˛? 2
  127. [Catalan] Alg˙ pot corregir aix˛? 3
  128. [Russian] Please correct. Thank you.
  129. [Russian] Hay errores?
  130. [Italian] Stress on Italian words
  131. [French] Studying French
  132. [Catalan] I don┤t get te meaning of
  133. [French] How do you improve your pronunciation ?
  134. Your Base Language
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